About Pedalo®

Quality for generations

The company Pedalo by Holz-Hoerz GmbH stands since 1963 for 'development, production and distribution - Made in Germany'. In cooperation with experts from the fields of play, sport and therapy, high-quality Pedalo play and training equipment are produced in Münsingen in the Swabian Alb. These products meet the highest standards, are characterized by exceptional quality and longevity and are made from the natural material wood.

Coordination, balance, responsiveness, skill, posture or speed of action are just some of the terms that describe the training of Pedalo-products. The core task of Pedalo-products is to develop and optimize the responsible parameters for functional motion sequences. Through the special Pedalo-movement program, the body learns to consciously perceive its movements. The senses are sensitized and the force input of the musculature is purposefully dosed and coordinated in time. The posture is always a dynamic state of equilibrium. If postural weaknesses occur, control of posture by the brain is often out of balance. Whether and in what form the body can maintain a good posture depends not only on muscle strength, but above all on the targeted activation of certain muscle groups by the nervous system. The unique movement program with Pedalo-products starts exactly there and is intended to automate simple and complex movement sequences. Regardless of age and level of performance, the Pedalo-exercise program can be used by just about anyone.

Pedalo-products can promote in a playful way and with a high call character the motor development of children, functionally with appropriate training to increase the performance of athletes and at the same time preventing injuries and achieve noticeable success in the movement safety and fall prevention for seniors.