Pedalo® Values



More responsibility for environment and quality…

Natural raw materials

Wood - our material no. 1

By choosing our natural material wood, you are also making the right choice. The renewable raw material is a high-quality ecological material, offers extremely high stability and also convinces through its individuality: Each piece of wood is unique in structure and character. Who decides for a Pedalo-product, decides for a real piece of nature and protects the environment. In addition to wood, we also use the natural materials cork and natural rubber. In addition, we work with carefully selected wood suppliers who carry out sustainable reforestation - we know the origin of the tree.


Since 1963 we stand for 'development, production and distribution - everything under one roof'. This guarantees safe products from controlled production in compliance with the highest safety guidelines. We place maximum demands on our Pedalo-products in terms of quality, durability, safety and functionality. Produced and tested by hand. Our customers can therefore be sure - Pedalo- products are absolute top products.

Act rationally

Sea polluted with plastic, overcrowded landfills and the still increasing plastic consumption lead increasingly to global problems - it is good that we from Pedalo rely on the natural material wood. Not only do we take care to use as little plastic as possible for our products, we also use environmentally friendly and recyclable alternatives for packaging and packaging materials.

Function and use

Coordination, balance, responsiveness, skill, posture or speed of action are just some of the terms that describe the training of Pedalo-products.

The comprehensive range of therapy and sports equipment is extremely versatile in its application and is used, for example, by young and old, in rehabilitation for injuries to the locomotor system, to increase the performance of athletes, in injury and fall prevention and also in workplace health promotion.

Product characteristics

Due to the timeless and elegant Pedalo-design, our training equipment fits perfectly into all rooms. In addition, the handcrafted products are a durable alternative to the quick consumption of mass products made of plastic. In addition, the unique wood feel and product processing is of emotional importance to our customers.

Active training concepts

With our active training concepts, we offer complete solutions for health-oriented and functional training. Depending on room availability, training circles can be put together individually and can also be used on the move. Through the countless exercises possible on the devices, variable and functional movement concepts are created which can be optimally adapted to performance and different age groups.

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