Pedalo - There is wood in it!



More responsibility for environment and quality…

Natural raw materials

We produce our products from the natural material wood. A renewable resource that is stable and environmentally friendly. And especially important for us: trustfully applicable in the everyday use in the areas of play, sports and therapy. We are clearly committed to product production with natural materials.


We stand since 1963 for quality products made in Germany. This guarantees the end consumer safe products from controlled production in compliance with the highest European safety guidelines. At the same time, long transport routes are avoided and the environment is protected. We place great demands on quality, stability, longevity, safety and repair-friendly products. These are ensured by the production by human hand as well as a careful examination of the products.Likewise, the guidelines of the toy standard are complied with. All Original Pedalo are tested for harmful substances and can be used without hesitation.


100% green electricity flows in our company. In this way, we consistently and successfully pursue the philosophy for climate protection and the energy revolution. In addition, the protection of the environment, climate and resources is important to us. Therefore, we obtain our wood exclusively from the companies which pursue reforestation. In addition, we already use more than 80% recycled paper and are pioneers as part of the 'Pro Recycled Paper' initiative. The social aspect is also significant: with our products, we ensure movement in all age groups, true to the motto: movement is worthwhile – be active!


Through our timeless and elegant product design in connection with wood, the products fit perfectly into all rooms. Additionally to this the warmth and the pleasant feeling of the wood.

The high-quality games and training equipment, which have the highest standards, are created in Münsingen in the Swabian Alb in cooperation with experts from the fields of play, sports and therapy.

Coordination, balance, responsiveness, skill, posture or speed of action are just some of the terms that describe the training of Pedalo-products.