50 years Pedalo-history - The ORIGINAL comes from Holz-Hoerz!

The original Pedalo® System with proven quality

Often copied, never equaled! Just the original can call itself Pedalo. You recognize it at the red text on a yellow wheel and its many benefits with 50 years of experience.

adaptable with accessories
matured in technology and Know-How
long-lasting because only material with the highest quality are installed
natural for a healthy environment we use the material wood
reparable because the individual parts are interchangeable
sensomotoric coordinated minimum distance between lower und upper tread surface for optimal balance training
safe because of an installed cantral wheel and support bar
stable for children and adults
can be modified in other Pedalo-versions
changeable in degree of difficulty
varied for children and adults, hindered to competitive sports, leisure time to therapy 

2018: Expansion of the product range

Discover our Pedalo-Novelties for 2018!

Entire 17 new products are waiting to be discovered!
New ist also the expansion of the product range with the themes 'fascia & trigger' and 'climbing'.

All information about the new products and the changes can be found in the theme flyer 'Novelties 2018' or in our shop.

More information on the topic 'Climbing'

More information on the topic 'Fascia & Trigger'

2017: In-house photo and film studio

First take!       

After a lot of dedication and sweat is our own, small but fine photo and film studio finished.
The shooting for the new Pedalo-Product Videos has already started, you can be curious...

2016: Moving to the Dottinger Straße 71, 72525 Münsingen

After careful deliberation, we change the company location from the Lichtensteinstraße 50 to the Dottinger Straße 71. We have stayed loyal to the location Münsingen on the swabian alb. True to Mr. Hoerz (company founder) slogan 'Münsingen where the swabian alb is the most beautiful'.

2014: Swaywaver

No other treatment method can lead so deeply into relaxation as treatments in the water, known as Watsu. During this massage and movement therapy in 35°C warm water, patients are stretched through gentle and careful movements.

Often it is hard for people in emotional stress situations to relax or to be treated by an unknown therapist when only wearing bathing suits. Through this experience Michel-Claude Urban, movement pedagogue and shiatsu therapist from Berlin, had the idea to bring Watsu treatments on land.

In cooperation with the company Pedalo by Holz-Hoerz GmbH, which has worked out for decades quality and competence in the development and manufacturing of coordination equipment, a new product was emerged during the last months, that can not be exceeded in individuality, design and functionality. We are talking about the unique Swaywaver Treatment Couch.

2013: Completely fit - we inspire you for your health!

We have made it our mission – and thereupon we founded Pedalo Health-Academy which consists of therapists, graduate sports scientists and specialist coaches from rehabilitation and health sports. In addition to education and training Pedalo Health-Academy offers you a comprehensive consultation. Learn and experience sustainable movement concepts and training contents which make a lot of fun and change your body awareness.

2013: A special year!

An extraordinary invention – the Pedalo system – celebrates its 50th anniversary. For more than 50 years our customers trust that Pedalo products ‘Made in Germany’ are absolute quality products and promote the health and well-being when used regularly. The entire Pedalo team would like to thank you for your confidence and an always great cooperation during this long period

2012: Pedalo® 5S-Coordination-Course - training while passing by

After our successful Vestibular-Motor-Coordination-Course follows the new 5S-VM-Coordination Course which is a training possibility that can be implemented quickly and successfully almost anywhere: ‘Training while passing by – at any place’. 5S-VM-Coordination Course is used successfully as a part of the prevention campaign ‘Think of me – your back’ of the German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV).

2011: Certificates of quality and sustainability

Pedalo goes green. The chosen path for many years, to produce environment friendly products with maximum saving of resour - ces, is consequently pursued. ‘Made in Germany’ means shortest transportation routes from production to consumer. Using the natural material wood from sustainable sources, using 100% green electricity, and also the social responsibility through cooperations with the disabled, as well as continuous quality control are important components of our company philosophy.

Our Pedalo bear the GS seal of proven safety. Pedalo Sport, Pedalo Classic and Pedalo Combi have been tested by TÜV Aust - ria and fully comply in load and pollutant test. This achieved full certification confirms the quality we guarantee you since more than 50 years.

2009: Ready, set, go! BaWü championship in riding Pedalo-Sport

For the first time in 2009 the elemantary school championship took place to determine which class is fastest in riding Pedalo.
The exciting final race for the coveted spots on the podium can be tracked each year live in Stuttgart at the trade „Spielemesse“.

2009: 3D-Vestibular-Motor-Coordination-Course

The 3D-Vestibular-Motor-Coordination-Course is a complete training system with for tests of reaction and balance, which is already proved by sports scientists and physio therapists. It should improve coordination skills. 

2006: Sale of the company Holz-Hoerz GmbH

In 2006 the company Holz-Hoerz Gmbh was sold to the company Sport-Thieme GmbH. For reasons of age, the company founder Mr. Hoerz could not continue the business.

Since then Axel Gieseke is managing director of the company Holz-Hoerz GmbH. In 2008 Martin Moser become a second managing director of the company. Until then he was operations manager of the enterprise.

2000: Seminars for coordination training

In 2000, for the first time seminars were offered for coordination training with products made by Holz-Hoerz.

1989: Pedalo® PlayMobile

According to the guiding principle: conceived in Münsingen - produced in Münsingen, many more products for promoting mobility with a high animation character have been made. The importance and the versatility of the products were recognized by many, amongst them sports teacher and founder of the "Active Break", Holger Laurisch. In 1989, he developed in cooperation with the company Holz-Hoerz the Pedalo-PlayMobile.

1987: PERTRA

Also in the 80s, the company Holz-Hoerz developed the Pertra-Set Complete in cooperation with Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd and with the employees of treatment and advisory centre of the Hessingstiftung in Augsburg. Pertra stands for perception training following the Frostig concept and is used in pediatrics, neurology and geriatrics (dementia). In 1990, Pertra-Set Complete was awarded with the Gold Award, which is the highest award of the World-Didac Association.