Pedalo® Ambassadors

Our Pedalo-products support athletes in their preparation for the season as well as in the competition phase. They are also used in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Pedalo- products make sensomotoric training at the highest level possible.  All sensory organs involved in sensorimotor functions can be included.

The training improves the coordinative abilities, the overall body stability as well as movement sequences. It also has a positive influence on body perception and can therefore increase athletic performance.

Many athletes, including the professionals featured on this page, rely on training with our Pedalo-products.

Elisabeth Brandau (Cycling)

8-fold German Champion, further victories and top ranking in World Cup races, member of the German national team

„Cycling places high demands on perception and balance. Especially in the technically demanding passages and on the descents I benefit from the versatile Pedalo-training on the bike. I can control my body much better, I perceive faster and react more appropriately in the respective situations. Also in the power transmission I can deal much more dosed with the use of power and therefore feel a certain lightness. Pedalo is for me an important training partner from whom I receive valuable input for my training.“

Daniel Bohnacker (Ski-Cross)

German Champion, member of the German national ski team, Olympic participant, World Cup winner

„Through the contact with Pedalo I got many new interesting training impulses. Especially after my cruciate ligament rupture the Pedalo- products supported me enormously during my rehabilitation. In the season preparation and in the competition phase I want to improve the areas of coordination, stabilization and body awareness with the training. After my serious injury, I also focus on prevention with Pedalo-training.“

Martin Frey (Cycling)

overall victory U23 national league, victories in international UCI races, bronze medal in the World Championship (relay), participation in European and World championships

„Pedalo-products turn strength and coordination training into a challenge. That‘s why I‘m happy about Pedalo‘s support. The great products are specially made for the demands of cycling and are just around the corner from me. The coordinative muscle training with the Pedalo-products should support me in my sportive development to be able to react correctly especially in difficult terrain passages.“

Samuel Costa (Nordic Combined)

member of the Italy national ski team, participation in European and World Championships and Olympic Games

„My knee injury prevented me from participating in the 2018 Olympics and at the same time was a sign for me to create my previous training with new content. So far my training has been very strongly influenced by power units. With Pedalo I have found a partner with whose training input I train more intelligently, more easily and nevertheless very successfully. This gives me a much better body feeling, which is very valuable for me in my sport of ski jumping and cross-country skiing. So training is fun again.“

Michael Göhner (Triathlon)

multiple German Champion, European vice-champion 2007 IRONMAN Germany

„As a professional triathlete, I have always trained very close to the movement patterns of my sports swimming, cycling and running over the last few years and have very often filled the content with stupid strength training. With increasing years I felt muscular imbalances and movement restrictions. For me now is the right time to pay more attention to sensomotoric training. Pedalo showed me in connection with the Pedalo-training devices my deficits and enriches my training enormously. Already after a few training sessions I felt how good these new training contents were for me. With this kind of training I can continue to practice my triathlon sport at a high level.“