Original Pedalo®

Often copied, never reached! Only the original is allowed to call itself Pedalo. You can recognize it by the red writing on the yellow wheel and its many advantages from more than 50 years of experience. Different requirements require different possibilities. In order to meet as many requirements as possible, Pedalo is therefore available in a wide range of variants. From child to senior - Pedalo is for everyone.

Pedalo-system: 5 years warranty
Pedalo stands for quality products 'Made in Germany'. Therefore we give with good conscience 5 years warranty with lifelong service and spare part warranty on the Original Pedalo-system.

Pedalo in play

Already for children from three years, Pedalo are a great challenge full of fun and joy. Besides, they develop their motor skills. Pedalo-products are wonderful to combine with many play and exercise forms. Therefore, they contribute to a diversified movement program.

Motor learning objectives:

  • Learning of free and autonomous Pedalo riding
  • Development of coordinative skills and new movement skills

Social learning objectives:

  • Working together cooperatively
  • Assessment of one‘s own abilities

Cognitive and affective learning objectives:

  • Extending knowledge and arouse ambition
  • Enhancing safety and self-confidence

Pedalo in sports

Training with the Pedalo is extremely valuable and makes an important contribution to the improvement of the sportive efficiency from the popular sport over the competitive sport up to the top-class sport.

The numerous exercise possibilities with the different Pedalo-variants always present the body with challenges and offer new training stimuli adapted to the respective performance level.

Pedalo are used, among other things, to improve coordinative abilities, to optimize the speed of action, to increase body awareness and to strengthen the leg and upper body muscles.

Pedalo in therapy

Our Pedalo are very popular in rehabilitation and therapy facilities.

The Pedalo are therefore ideal for use in prevention therapy (e. g. fall prevention, prevention of injuries in knee or hip area and back pain), postoperative therapy (e. g. knee and hip diseases), neurological rehabilitation (e. g. after stroke, Parkinson or MS) or paediatric areas (as a playful training device).

Therapeutic Pedalo-training can help maintain and regain health, improve well-being and maintain independence.

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