Pedalo in play

Pedalo-training for kids in a playful way

Crucial to the basics of our abilities is the variety of movement already in childhood. The more different movements we experience in these years of life, the more complex patterns of movement we can build on it as we get older. The natural urge to move is the drive to experience something new and to solidify in our system by constantly repeating the claim to oneself "I want to be able to do that". The older the child is, the more the motivation and the call character of an exercise device and its exercise is required. Therefore, we should use this time of children's special learning ability and give them access to the versatile movement at any time. Pedalo products are reduced to the essential features and characteristics that make a successful exercise playful. The more reduced, the higher the attention and the game depth. The constant play with your own balance, starting on a body axis, then increasing to two-dimensional or even three-dimensional, let us experience borderline experiences with your own body actively. Nothing is so memorable and worth experiencing for our physical development as the motivating confrontation with one's own self in different tasks. Pedalo-products for children use play, fun and joy of movement. The positive effectiveness of the exercise - starting from the exercise device - remains unaffected.