Pedalo-coordination products in football training

Varied movement patterns are the basis for an improvement in the coordination of movements and posture coordination, which is also crucial in football. After all, you can only apply the learned technique if you are earlier on the ball.

So it was only a matter of time until the modern coordination training with the Pedalo-vestibular-motor skills course also prevails in football.

Under the direction of Pedalo-expert Christoph Anrich, players and coaches extensively trained coordination, response, balance and speed on the proven Pedalo-coordination equipment. On the proprioceptive working Pedalo-Stabilizer easy exercises were carried out to show that the training of the vestibular motor skills has immediate effects on the stimulus reception and processing as well as the interaction of nerve and muscle. This suggests that a special vestibular coordination training before a competition leads to the immediate increase in performance of the player. Not to be underestimated here is the preventive effect, since the player reacts better in critical situations through the sensitized nerve-muscle interaction.

Coaches and players were fascinated with this form of modern training, but also surprised by the deficits that individual athletes have in dealing with it. The responsible people agreed that this training is essential in everyday training.

With the modern coordination training on the vestibular-motor skills course, the players are at the beginning of another performance increase.



The right products for an successful football-training: