Pedalo-coordination products in football training

Football is a complex sport in which a player has to be able to deal with the ball in addition to his basic understanding of the game, and must have versatile skills. The classic basics of strength, speed, agility and endurance are no longer sufficient to meet the requirements. Above all, cognitive perception and the speed of action are irreplaceable in order to be the decisive step ahead of the opponent. If you want to meet the requirements especially in high level football, today‘s modern football training consists of different areas of competence.

Therefore, football, athletics, prevention and rehabilitation coaches, therapists, nutritionists and doctors are all equally involved in training in order to promote the potential of a player individually with subjective assessments.

Prevention work plays an important role in this. Documentation on the frequency and cause of an injury, differentiated according to player position, is a matter of course in order to make players fit and reduce injuries with targeted interventions such as specific and individual training methods.

For this reason, sensory training to improve reflective body stability is an important component of prevention work while simultaneously increasing performance. Exercises to improve foot stabilization in conjunction with visual perception should play an important role. This gives the player safety and improves his running and jumping quality as well as his shooting and passing accuracy.

The Pedalo-range of equipment offers coordinatively demanding and complex exercises to activate the deep back muscles in order to stabilize the centre of the body, as well as versatile exercises to optimize the power transmission chain, starting with the foot. This leads to an improvement in performance, regeneration and prevention of serious injuries.



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