Coordination training Golf

For a better HANDICAP!

sport of golf in particular, as there is a direct correlation between individual balance, physical well-being and athletic performance. For the long-term performance a general and specific golf training is indispensable in today‘s time.

Pedalo-products train the entire postural system, from the foot to the core to the shoulders. With these coordination devices, improvements and lasting success can be achieved quickly and effectively for the sport of golf:

  • Optimization of the flow of movement
  • Improvement of the general game situation
  • Formation of an economic swinging movement
  • Reduction of annoying luxury movements

Products such as Pedalo-Stabilizer not only promote muscle strength but also train all coordinative skills such as responsiveness, ability to orientate, ability to rhythm, ability to anticipate and ability to concentrate. With these skills, the player can react more quickly to external influences and has a safer position. Especially in inclined position or in the sand bed is thus safer and the tee becomes more precise.

The Bavarian Golf Association trains for 15 years with lasting success in the cadre and in the trainer‘s education with Pedalo-coordination devices.

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