Pedalo® in sport

Whole body training

In order to optimize their performance, athletes usually build up muscle mass. This is often done very one-sided and the training involves only a few muscles, which does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with natural movements. The consequences are muscular imbalances and lack of inter-muscular coordination. If muscle strength and coordination skills are trained in all, however, better performance values are expected in the overall assessment. Also they contribute effectively to a preventive reduction in frequency of injuries. When taken as a whole, a full training considering strength, endurance and coordination only brings advantages for the athlete.

Muscle class goes over muscle mass.

Through a targeted training with Pedalo-exercise equipment, we create a functional musculature, which automatically contributes to the protection of the joints, tendons and ligaments. A musculature which is able to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently in speed and leads to the desired performance increase. Pedalo-products as well as Pedalo-training methods are in demand and indispensable in competitive sports and in rehabilitation.