Pedalo in sport

Whole body training

Core task of the Pedalo-products
Coordination, balance, responsiveness, skill, posture or speed of action are just some of the terms that describe the training of Pedalo-products. The core task of Pedalo-products is to develop and optimize the responsible parameters for functional motion sequences.

Through the training our body learns to consciously perceive its movements. Our senses are sensitized, our use of strength is targeted, precisely dosed and our muscles are activated in a fixed chronological order. Our posture is always a dynamic state of equilibrium. If posture weaknesses occur, the control of the posture by our brain is often out of balance. Whether and in what form the body can maintain a good posture does not depend solely on muscle strength, but above all on the targeted activation of certain muscle groups by the nervous system.

Our unique products start exactly there and are designed to automate simple and complex motion sequences. Regardless of age and performance level, training with Pedalo can be used by almost anyone.

Pedalo-Training for athletes
In order to optimize their performance, athletes usually build up muscle mass. This is often done very one-sided and the training involves only a few muscles, which does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with natural movements. The consequences are muscular imbalances and lack of inter-muscular coordination. If muscle strength and coordination skills are trained in all, however, better performance values are expected in the overall assessment. Also they contribute effectively to a preventive reduction in frequency of injuries. Through a targeted training with Pedalo-exercise equipment, we create a functional musculature, which automatically contributes to the protection of the joints, tendons and ligaments. A musculature which is able to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently in speed and leads to the desired performance increase.

Pedalo-products and Pedalo-training methods are in demand and have become indispensable in therapy, rehabilitation, prevention and competitive sports.