Pedalo in therapy

The core task of Pedalo-products is to develop and continuously optimize the responsible parameters for functional motion sequences. Through the special Pedalo-movement program, our body learns to consciously perceive its movements. Our senses are sensitized, our muscles targeted, precisely dosed and activated in a fixed chronological order. Our posture is always a dynamic state of equilibrium. Occurring postural weaknesses, often the control of the posture by our brain is out of balance. Whether and in what form the body can maintain a good stopping position does not depend only on muscle strength, but above all on the targeted activation of certain muscle groups by the nervous system. Our unique motion program on Pedalo-products starts right there and is designed to automate simple and complex movements.

Since many years the Pedalo is used from therapists in their own practice as well as in rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics. Through different degrees in difficulty, Pedalo offers an ideal possibility to adapt on user’s current performance capacity. No matter if adults, senior citizens or patients, Pedalo helps many people to maintain and regain their health, well-being and independence.