Pedalo-products is multi-usable in physiotherapy. It is ideally used in prophylaxis therapy to prevent injuries (e. g. knee or hip area and back pain), in post-operative therapy (e. g. knee- and total hip endoprostheses (TePs), femoral neck fractures and disk surgeries), in neurological rehabilitiation (e. g. after stroke, Parkinson or MS), in the pediatric field well as a playful training device.

By working together with therapists, sports scientists and coaches from various sports, we always have all requirements and needs in view.

Our products enable an adapted training along the body axes with which above all the movement and functionality of the human body is to be restored, improved or maintained. Deficits are identified and balanced at the same time.

Due to the functional characteristics, versatile application and combination possibilities, motivating, individual and always demanding training programs, adapted to the respective performance level, can be created and carried out.

From easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from known to unknown and from linear to multi-axial movement requirements, training with Pedalo-products allows optimal differentiation of the degree of difficulty as well as versatile, individual therapeutic work.

The combination possibilities of the Pedalo- products with each other open up additional possibilities of an adapted stimulation setting for the therapist with just a few products. Only a few products are necessary to achieve a lot.

No matter in which room of a physiopraxis, whether in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, home visits or group training units - pedalo training devices are space-saving, mobile and easy to use. These characteristics also benefit patients with limited mobility, whose participation in such equipment training is made possible in the first place. Despite the possibility of mobile use, the products are extremely stable, durable and resilient. All in all, a cost-effective and worthwhile purchase for every practice.

From specific products for target-oriented foot training to whole body training equipment and products for fascia and trigger treatment, everything is considered.

Expert opinions

Harald Jansenberger (sport therapist)

Pedalo‘s products can be used in many areas of my work due to their variable usage possibilities and the high quality with the associated longevity. In the field of fall prevention, where balance, reaction and strength are important, many of the Pedalo-products can be used very well. In addition to tilting bases, which make it possible to experience the symmetry of the stand and the training of weight shifting, springy devices or swinging devices, such as stabilization trainers, are particularly important for training the reactive balance. The variation and the possibility to combine different devices makes the training varied and motivating for the practicing persons.

I have been using Pedalo-products for years because the training equipment is of high quality and durable. In addition, they are functional and versatile.

The Pedalo-products make my daily work easier because new combinations are always possible.

Pedalo-products made of wood are pleasant and motivating for my clients. Especially the variation possibilities inspire the users again and again, because the play instinct and the will to discover are encouraged, but also intensively trained.

Klaus Meyer (Physiotherapist)

In my institution with 15 therapists, the pedalo products are a basic building block in the daily work with our patients. The fields of application are orthopaedics as well as neurology. Due to the high functionality, the degree of difficulty is easy to dose. From very easy for beginners to very demanding for professional athletes. The various exercise possibilities promote the motivation of our patients. Since the pedalo products are made of wood, they fit our philosophy 'naturally healthy'.

Timo Reiff (Physiotherapist)

I have been using Pedalo-products with great success for years now in my work as a physiotherapist and athletic trainer. In the context of prevention and rehabilitation as well as in training both my patients and the amateur and professional athletes I care for benefit from the playful to complex exercise variety of the devices. The benefit for the individual lies in the improvement of essential qualities such as coordination, stabilization, balance and body awareness. Whether in deep relaxation or intensive training, body and mind are 'playfully' addressed and trained.

The Pedalo-devices are an important component for the development of my individual therapy and training concepts. Despite different starting situations of customers and patients (orthopaedic, neurological, ...) there are no limits to the training. The products convince again and again by the simple application and combination possibilities.

Product recommendation by Timo Reiff:

Pedalo® Stabilizer 'Pro'

I especially like to work with the Stabilizer 'Pro'. It offers children, adults, seniors and professional athletes a variety of different exercises. The device enables a variable training with over 50 different application possibilities by a fast change.

Due to the well thought-out construction, the fast conversion possibilities and the variety of exercises, the Stabilizer 'Pro' is a very good device for me to organize an individual, functional training 'from foot to head'.

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