Completely fit - we inspire you for your health!

Completely fit is the requirement of our seminar modules. Each of our Pedalo Academy seminars is oriented to this effect and contributes to motor development, health, athletic and fun and joy of movement. Starting in diagnosis with the Pedalo Sensamove-balance test we first work on the possible deficits of the body stability and posture. Then we arrive at the unique movement concepts in which cognition, coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility as well as the relaxation in an inspiring manner for the participants are taught.

Important components such as ergonomics in the workplace and proper nutrition in sports and everyday life are considered in our overall concept as well as the right selection of appropriate exercise equipment.

In terms of learning disorders in childhood development and cognitive degradation processes in old age, we teach in recognized therapy seminars the necessary knowledge using the Pertra Set.

Pedalo-Academy offers in addition to education and training a comprehensive consultation. You can benefit from the expertise of our Pedalo experts. Our recognized training seminars are aimed to employees, trainers, therapists, operators and managers of facilities such as kindergartens, schools, companies, clubs, health care facilities, retirement homes, fitness and rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices, as well as athletes and teams themselves.

Experience sustainable movement concepts and training contents which bring fun and change your body awareness.

Seminars of Pedalo Academy are innovative and certified.