Pedalo® Swing Board

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Pedalo® Swing Board

Standing is better than sitting, as long as we are moving. An active musculature prevents tension. The Swing Board seesaws slightly back and forth, activating the calf muscles and thus the blood backflow from the legs. The gentle, barely perceptible high-low movement has a sensorial uprighting and relaxing effect on the back and neck muscles. This makes it the ideal trainer for more health at the workplace without impairing attention to work. The low ascent height, the noiseless anti-slip swing runners and the 5-fold adjustable adjustment of the vibration to the body weight are quality features that make working more pleasant.

  • Developed for standing work tables
  • Allows lateral steps
  • Orderable from 10 pieces with picture imprint and logo



  • Birch
  • Natural finish
  • 99x34x5 cm
  • Maximum load up to 120 kg
  • Floor protecting swing skids
  • 4 kg

For the use of this device a certain degree in motor abilities and circumspection is assumed. In case of doubt, first use the device only with assistance and/or with protective equipment.

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.