Healthy foot

Give your feet time and attention.
Your feet carry you for a lifetime.

  • Feet need space
  • Feet want to feel and experience something
  • Feet want to be active
  • Without barefoot experience children do not get the normal shape of the foot
  • Conversion to an undampes running needs time


Healthy feet are the fundamental base of our body. Feet are important for our balance and give us the necessary safety while walking. Only with healthy feet movement makes fun and we get safely to our destination. Aching feet, however, are a sign that something is not right with your feet. Then at the latest you should pay due attention to them every day. So start early with training for healthy feet, so you can strengthen the arch again. Even starting misalignments of your feet can be improved again.

Therefore Pedalo offers a choice of foot coaches for strengthening, stabilization, sensitization and mobility your foot arch for an ideal foot-screwing up to leg axis stability for a safe and health walk. Feet are important for our balance.