Pedalo® Foot Workshop: S8 Foot arch stretcher

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Pedalo® Foot Workshop: S8 Foot arch stretcher

The arch of the foot is of great importance for a correct foot function since it acts like a shock absorber. Foot problems such as flat-, skew- or splayfeet are often caused to a subsidence of the arch of the foot. However, a too pronounced arch also significantly impairs the function of the foot – we hereby speak of hollow foot. The foot has a longitudinal arch and a cross arch. Thus the body weight is mainly carried by three points: Heel, big toe joint and small toe joint.

Depending on the strain of the foot, the Pedalo Foot arch stretcher exerts a stronger, punctual stimilus on the muscles.
Through this exercise the muscles are massaged and kneaded. This way the muscles keep smooth, soft and more flexible.

At the beginning or depending on your personal feeling, stand on the hemispheres with more ore less body weight and let the pressure point effect on your foot muscles. Initial pressure sensitivity is not uncommon at the start of the practice, many people do have so, but it is usually dissolved after frequent use.

Exercise scope:
Let a pressure point act on your sole of the foot. Practice alternately or with both feet together for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.



  • Stations 40x47 cm
  • Base plate fiberboard CDF, black colored (> 1 000 kg/m3) with high density.
    Aesthetically pleasing and therefore completely adapted to the designer‘s heart.
  • Weight: 2,8 kg

For the use of this device a certain degree in motor abilities and circumspection is assumed. In case of doubt, first use the device only with assistance and/or with protective equipment.

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.