Pedalo® System

ORIGINAL Pedalo® - proved quality products - Made in Germany

WE can give it to you in written form. ONLY the original Pedalo is made by Holz-Hoerz and free of banned pollutants. This is a matter of course. Unfortunately, we can not always claim this for also tested plastic reproduction. This is also confirmed by the recent investigation by an independent test laboratory, according to DIN 71-3 to EU toy standards.

The ORIGINAL Pedalo made of the natural material wood...

  • you can use with a clear conscience for children and adults
  • you recognize at the yellow wheel with black tires (protected brand image)
  • bears the lettering "Das Original Pedalo - Made in Germany"
  • convinced by stability, durability, quality and functionality.
  • has 5-year warranty and lifetime parts and service warranty
  • is 100% made in Germany according to ecological principles with green electricity
  • is tested according pollutants

Please consider this for your purchase and you already think about tomorrow - of children and the environment's sake.

Pedalo® Classics

More than 50 years ORIGINAL Pedalo "Made in Germany", made of pollution-free ecological materials for use as a play, sports and therapy product.
ORIGINAL Pedalo are the classic in kindergarten, school, association, private, in sports and therapy. They improve in a playful way the coordination, balance and reaction. Highest quality made for daily use with children and adults. Ideal use indoors on smooth surfaces such as outside. » See more

Pedalo® Reha S

Equipped with support bars these Pedalo are after injuries in the posture, but also after neurological deficits, important tools and training equipment for the recovery of motor skills.
  • Maintaining and regaining of motor skills
  • Fall prevention
  • Training to walk and move safe
  • Healthy balance and well-being
  • Maintain independance
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Pedalo® Aqua S

Aqua Pedalo are primarily for therapeutic applications in water to restore mobility after injury in the posture. But also for a playful use in leisure and fun pools. Because of the high-quality plastic and stainless-steel screws and axes the Pedalo Aqua is an very durable and can be used in every weather condition.
We are talking about the all-weather-Pedalo! » See more

Pedalo® Air S

Pedalo® with air tires
Now, there is no terrain, that you can’t go on, this is absolutely great!
This Pedalo guarantees unlimited fun, no matter whether you use it on grass, gravel or on yards, whether outside or inside, it just keeps on rolling. The 12 inch air filled tires absorb any unevenness and allow for higher speeds.
Technical Description:
Air filled tires, mounted on 12 inch wooden wheels with valve, bicycle rims, and tubes. It works just like any ordinary bike. » See more

Pedalo® Special

With our special models we meet the varied requirements of our Pedalo users. 
Driving while sitting, to slalom, driving with seesawing treads for a better movement in ankle joint, combination of different movement patterns - all of this you will find in this category.

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Pedalo® Accessories

Support Bar, Support Rope, Foot Pads are useful accessories to match Pedalo much better to the special needs of the users. » See more