Pedalo® Bike.Visual.Trainer

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Pedalo® Bike.Visual.Trainer

perception, stimulus interpretation, quickness of action, quality of motion, safety
= maximum performance

The Bike.Visual.Trainer is a training device to improve the balance in a typical mountain bike body posture. In conjunction with the visual set and the associated exercise program, the often underestimated, but important, motor skills of the eyes are trained. With the Bike.Visual.Trainer we beam the attention and perception first towoards the functions of our eyes and thereby directly influence our ability to balance. For if we want to improve our ability to balance, above all, we must also optimize the fusion of our eyes, since these are interconnected with our sense of balance and therefore release a motor reflex. For if the image of our eyes is not clear, the motor response of our action is also not clear.

Especially in technically difficult terrain passages is visible in cyclists already in their action, whether with the eyes of a target can be quickly captured and focused. This is only possible if both eyes work together optimally. Only then objects can be spatially seen in three dimensions, obstacles differentiated, clearly and unambiguously recognized, and a situation adapted, motor action implemented. Only the athlete with the skills of quick and clear stimulus processing will be able to make up for time in technical terrain and avoid falls.

With the Bike.Visual.Trainer we train the eye fixation, eye tracking movement, eye jumping movement as well as the correct posture of a stable cervical spine while driving and thus have a positive influence on our balance and performance.

The Bike.Visual.Trainer is in its posture specially adapted to the needs of cycling. However, his positive training effect on our perception benefits everyone in different sports and especially in everyday life. Therefore, the Bike.Visual.Trainer is also a motivational training device that everyone should use to improve their motor performance.

Bike.Visual.Trainer im neuro-athletic training

The Bike.Visual.Trainer was created based on the findings of the Neuro-Athletics Training. As a result, maximum performance depends on the quality of our input information to our central nervous system. The clearer and safer this input information is, the better it can be interpreted and processed by our brain, and the faster and more highly valued the motor response to it. Therefore, the following principle applies to the success of the training: The better the input, the better the output.

Our brain lives by the principle of safety. If we find ourselves in an insecure situation, our brains slow us down, for example by reducing the performance factors of speed, strength and flexibility. If we pursue the goal of maximum performance, we can not fail to first create the conditions for safety by training the exercising factors of visual perception, vestibular perception, proprioception, and stable body posture through targeted, brain-interpretable exercises.



  • Multiplex birch
  • Beech
  • Frame geometry based on 42 or 48 cm
  • LxWxH 75x45x77 cm
  • Natural, blue or orange available (Color deviation to the product images possible!)
  • Handles and platform in anthracite
  • 6 kg


The frame size of 42 cm is suitable for a body size between 165 - 175 cm and the frame size of 48 cm for a body size between 175 - 190 cm.


For the use of this device a certain degree in motor abilities and circumspection is assumed. In case of doubt, first use the device only with assistance and/or with protective equipment.

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.