Pedalo® Core-Trainer

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Pedalo® Core-Trainer

This Pedalo-Core-Trainer has a targeted effect on the straight and lateral abdominal muscles. The forearm support relieves wrists, arms and shoulder compared to conventional abdominal rollers and supports the correct movement execution. The more compact posture allows a better body control and prevents a hollow back posture. For advanced users, the Core-Trainer Pro offers even more intensive training of the lateral torso muscles with stabilization of torso rotation. The lateral tapping of the outer wheels is controlled by increasing improvement of reflexive muscle work.

Picture 2: Pedalo-Core-Trainer 'Pro' incl. 'Pro' Adapter. The two outer wheels float in the air, so the balance must also be maintained during the workout.

Picture 3: Pro Adapter (with magnetic plug-in system).

  • For an effective core-training
  • Improvement of body tension
  • Dynamic whole body training



  • Multiplex birch wood
  • Incl. forearm pads
  • Maximum load up to 100 kg
  • Pedalo® Core-Trainer: 49x45x9 cm, 1.6 kg
  • Pedalo® Core-Trainer Pro: 49x45x11 cm, incl. Profi Adapter, 2 kg
  • Profi Adapter: 37x7x9 cm, 0.5 kg

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.