Pedalo® Balance Top 22 & 38

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Pedalo® Balance Top 22 & 38

It trains the coordination, stabilizes the ankle and strengthens the muscles from the foot to the trunk. Balance Top places greater demands on balance than Balance Seesaw. Its design makes it independent in its function from the ground and at the same time offers it a high level of stability. Pedalo-Balance Tops can be stowed in small bags and are a discreet but useful companion at any place. Train at home, in the office, while traveling – whenever you feel the need to train.
Small diameter means higher inclination.

  • Training of coordination
  • Stabilization of the ankles
  • Best function on any surface



  • Multiplex birch wood
  • Clear lacquer
  • Stand heigth 65 mm
  • Ø 38 cm, Inclination 12 degree, 2.0 kg
  • Ø 22 cm, Inclination 17 degree, 1.5 kg

For the use of this device a certain degree in motor abilities and circumspection is assumed. In case of doubt, first use the device only with assistance and/or with protective equipment.

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.