Pedalo® Stabilizer 'Sport'

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Pedalo® Stabilizer 'Sport'

The Pedalo Stabilizer is equipment that trains your entire body to improve sensory control of posture and movement. It offers a multitude of exercises while standing and while supported. The high sensibility of the stand platform effective three-dimensionally shows and treats the slightest imbalances and instabilities of the loco-motor system.

Training with the Pedalo Stabilizer are highly effective, because the Stabilizer’s mode of operation increases the receiving information of proprio-ceptors and receptors. This leads to a stimulated and an improved coordination of inter-segmented muscles. Subsequently, it improves reaction and stabilizes the entire loco-motor system.

Athletes use the Stabilizer 'Sport' to optimize their movements, decrease their response time, and to sensitize their reflexes. This kind of training also effects an active behavior to prevent injuries. 



  • Easy to dismantle, fitted metal housing
  • Stand platform birch multiplex approx 
  • 60x35 cm suspended by 4 springs
  • 4 ‘short’ suspension ropes
  • Including Anti-slip mat item no (628 05 -01)
  • Overall dimensions: LxWxH is approx. 58x58x44 cm
  • Weight 7.4 kg
  • Maximum weight capacity of approx. 150 kg

For the use of this device a certain degree in motor abilities and circumspection is assumed. In case of doubt, first use the device only with assistance and/or with protective equipment.

The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.