The first training session at the VfB Stuttgart

The first Pedalo-training session was initially dedicated to getting to know each other. Our CEO Martin Moser introduced our Pedalo-philosophy and products. Then, the topic 'A healthy foot' was started directly.

In everyday life and in sports healthy feet are a blessing and the basis for pain-free movement. They are also responsible for fun at movement.

In theory and practice Matthias Schiffers (Head of Athletics Training Pro´s), Martin Franz (Head of Athletic Training 'NLZ'), Tobias Unger (Athletic Trainer U17-19), Tobias Heizmann (Athletic Trainer U23) and Oliver Otto (Team Leader Education and Training) learned the use of our Pedalo-products in this area.

The picture shows the practical exercises with the Pedalo-Foot Workshop. The nine different exercise stations serve to activate the feet, sensitize and massage the foot soles, stabilize the ankle joints, strengthen the foot and lower leg musculature as well as to stretch the foot arch and the plantar fascia.

At the end of the unit is clear to all parties: 'Healthy feet are the fundamental base of our body.'

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