Pedalo at the Eurobike 2018

If they did not already know it, at the latest when reaching the Pedalo-Booth, the cycling trade visitors were realized how versatile movement and balance can be. The so-called ‘game with your balance’ is not only for kids; not at all, because the training of successful cyclists and professionals has long ceased to be on the bike. What is decisive for the professional cyclist is even more important for the recreational cyclist. Anyone who wants to be in control of himself and his bike in every situation can not avoid dealing intensively with the topic of coordination, balance and reaction.

What should be trained in which way has been experienced by many interested dealers, coaches and cyclists at the Eurobike first hand at Pedalo-Booth. Why even does the foot play such an important role in cycling and why particularly cares the position of the cervical spine - in connection with the eye’s high depth of focus - about a maximum output of performance. The visitors were indeed astonished about this new knowledge as well about the unique training with the new ‘Pedalo-Bike.Visual.Trainer’.

Pedalo-Training equipment definitely belongs in every training of a cyclist and thus in the cycling specialist shops. Especially in the winter months the focus should be laid on coordinative basics in order to start the next spring season fit and successful on the bike.

Specialist dealers, clubs and teams have the opportunity of booking the Training seminar ‘Train like the pros’. Here, versatile training tips for a performance-enhancing coordination training are taught specifically for cyclists. Many cyclists, among them for example Elisabeth Brandau and Martin Frey two of the best German Mountain Bikers already use this competence successfully.

Train like the professional - with Martin Frey on the Pedalo-Stabilizer 'Pro'

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